About Me

I am a licensed psychologist with over ten years of experience working with adolescents, college students, and adults. I also provide parents with the support and psychoeducational tools they often need while raising young children and adolescents. My practice focuses on psychodynamic therapy and mindfulness-based practices. As an avid meditation practitioner, I bring a sense of stillness to my work and offer useful skills for cultivating insight and developing a greater awareness of the present moment.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University where I majored in child development. My educational background also includes a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology and a doctorate degree in clinical psychology at Nova Southeastern University. During my graduate training, I received specialized training in psychodynamic therapy, art therapy, and mindfulness-based practices.

As a therapist, I listen carefully and work collaboratively with patients to uncover the aspects of experience that have been silent or are not in their awareness. As these hidden aspects of experience are brought to light, patients gain a better understanding of themselves and the obstacles that are getting in their way. Through a combination of conversation and mindfulness-based practices, individuals begin to move more skillfully through the natural ups and downs of life. I view cultivating a trusting relationship with patients as the most important aspect of the therapy process. My approach to therapy is warm, thoughtful, and attentive and I approach my patients with a warm, open, and collaborative attitude.

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